AVID Adapted Playground Project

Playground Inclusive Features

The Buffalo High School AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) group came to AAPP - Abby and AriaParks Advisory Board meeting last year with a project to promote and install inclusive features to our playgrounds. Parks Superintendent, Adam Farrell, has been working with Abby Seestrom and Aria Sturm over the past few months helping and guiding them to connect to various contacts to help their program.

AVID Adapted Playground Project (AAPP)

AAPP was recently started by two high school seniors, Abby Seestrom and Aria Sturm. AAPP started with a service-learning project for their college readiness course, AVID. Abby and Aria decided they wanted to make the parks in Buffalo more inclusive. They plan to add straps and emotion boards to a few of the local parks. They are currently fundraising by selling B1 T-shirts and Stickers at high school basketball games. They hope to continue making adaptive additions to parks in Buffalo by passing on their project to future AVID students.

Learn more about the AVID Program at Buffalo Hanover Montrose schools.

(L-R) Abby Seestrom, Aria Sturm