Flora of Buffalo

What is Flora of Buffalo?

It is a beautification program run by city employees and community volunteers. “Flora of Buffalo” program was established to help offset the cost of annual floral displays throughout Buffalo. These displays occur every spring/summer, fall/winter and can be seen as hanging gardens, large round planters and in-ground floral displays in our public areas. This Program could not survive without the generous donations from residents and businesses in our community.

Community Involvement!

Ever year the City of Buffalo reaches out to our residents and local businesses for donations to help us maintain our beautiful floral displays. Because of the generous contributions and financial support from our community the City of Buffalo has been able to continue to provide these wonderful floral displays which make our community standout.

Thank you!

To all who have donated this year and in the years past as we could not provide floral displays without your generous donations!

If you would like to contribute please complete the Flora of Buffalo Sponsorship Form (PDF).

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Donations Accepted Year Round!

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Our Flora Crew

The Flora Crew is always busy doing many things around town. From the busy summer months of all the weeding, watering, and endless projects, to the fall getting everything winterized until next season we are always on our toes making Buffalo look beautiful.

The summer months can get hot and long for us. We have

  • roughly 13 gardens that we take care of
  • 50 hanging baskets to water
  • 22 flowerpots and
  • 5 inground flower beds that we water as well

When the summer is done, we get a handful of our planters ready for our fall plants (mums) those stay in for a month or two and then we transition into our winter greens that stay in until the spring.

Mattie and the Flora Crew take pride in the things they do for the town to make it as beautiful as it should be. This program could not survive without the generous donations from residents and businesses in our community. 

2022 Flora Crew

2022 Flora Team