Naming of City Parking Lots


The Heritage Preservation Advisory Board has been tasked by the City with the renaming of 2 City-owned lots in Buffalo’s downtown. Through their “Lots to Talk About” campaign, HPAB is seeking public input on the naming of Lot 6 across from the Buffalo Cinema and Lot 9 just outside of City Hall with 3 names recommended by the HPAB for each. These names and their background can be found below:

Lot 6 – Site of former Presbyterian Church; Farmers Market Lot

  • “Owen Haugland Plaza” – Background information here:
  • “Swan Bratt Plaza” – Background information here:
  • “C.E. Oakley Plaza” – Background information here

Lot 9 – City Center Lot

  • “Jackson Taylor Plaza” – Background information here
  • “Amasa Ackley Plaza” – Background information here:
  • “A.Y. Eaton Plaza” – Background information here:

To cast your vote, simply fill out the surveyThe survey will be open through October 25th.

The HPAB appreciates your help!

Parking Lot Map

Public Parking Lot Map