Naming of City Parking Lots


The Heritage Preservation Advisory Board, the HPAB has been tasked by the City with the renaming of (5) City and HRA-owned lots in Buffalo’s downtown and need your help! Through their “Lots to Talk About” campaign, the HPAB is seeking public input on the naming of 2 of the 5 in the downtown- Lot 6 across from the Buffalo Cinema / along “Wide Street” and Lot 9 just outside of City Hall, with 3 names recommended by the HPAB for each.

Lot Number & Location: Lot 9 - City Center

HPAB-suggested name: “A.Y. Eaton Plaza”

Background History: Alcinus Young (“A.Y.”) Eaton was elected the first Village President of Buffalo, serving nine terms. Elected as Wright County Attorney, Eaton established his first law office at 15 2nd Street NW in the brick building on the corner north of the former Wright County Government Center site. A.Y. would also serve as the editor of the Buffalo Journal, and in 1886 was elected to the Minnesota State Senate where he served for eight years.

If you would like to see the City Hall parking lot renamed in honor of A.Y. Eaton, keep your eye out for a survey in the next few weeks after all names have been presented.

The HPAB appreciates your help.

Parking Lot Map

Public Parking Lot Map