Heritage Preservation Advisory Board

The City has established a Heritage Preservation advisory board composed of five members appointed for three-year staggered terms. A Councilmember will be appointed as a voting member by the Mayor to serve a one-year term. The Chairperson of the Planning Commission shall be an ex-officio non-voting member of the board, but such membership shall not be counted in the number of members stated.

Examples of Duties

The purpose of the board shall be to identify buildings, land, areas, or districts which are determined by the board to possess particular cultural or educational value and shall promote the designation of heritage preservation sites.


  • 5 pm
  • 2nd Monday of the month
  • City Center Council Chambers
    212 Central Avenue
    Buffalo, MN 55313


  • Shala Holm
  • Clint Lafave
  • Susan Mattson
  • Ross Miller
  • Nick O'Rourke (Council Liason)

Board Bylaws

Board Bylaws (PDF)

  1. David Kelly

    David Kelly

    Community Planning & Economic Development Director

City of Buffalo Heritage