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Support Renewable Energy with Clean Energy Choice

The Clean Energy Choice program is a low-cost way to support renewable energy and the environment and allows Buffalo Municipal Utility customers to receive up to 100% of their electricity from environmentally friendly, renewable sources.

The Minnesota Municipal Power Agency (MMPA supplies electricity to twelve Minnesota municipal utilities, including Buffalo.  20% of MMPA's electricity supply comes from renewable sources such as wind, solar, bioenergy and hydropower.

Program Benefits

  • Inexpensive - a $1 to $3 per month addition to your regular bill
  • Predictable Cost - Monthly cost is fixed and not dependent on energy usage
  • Easy to Sign Up - Simply complete sign-up form
  • Easy to Cancel - Subscription is monthly - You can cancel at anytime

Sign up and start supporting renewable energy today.

Clean Energy Choice FAQ's


Clean Energy Residential - Business Flyer (PDF)

Clean Energy Choice
  1. Gale Raisanen

    Utility Billing Coordinator