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Start, Stop or Transfer Utility Service

  1. This form is for Starting, Stopping  OR Transferring Utility Services with the City of Buffalo

    Please call the Utility Billing office for further questions in regards to your utility services at 763-682-1001

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  3. This Section is for Moving IN or Transferring Service
  4. Buffalo, MN  55313

  5. Buffalo, MN 55313

  6. Primary Contact Information
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  8. Do you own or rent your residence?*

    If you are renting please list your Landlord's information 


    Buffalo Fiber is the City's premier Internet service available in certain areas and growing. We offer 3 levels of symmetrical and reliable speeds up to 1 Gig of service. To learn more about this service, please check the box below, Email Buffalo Fiber or visit our Buffalo Fiber page. 

  10. Want More Info About Buffalo Fiber?

    The Clean Energy Choice program is a low-cost way to support renewable energy and the environment and allows Buffalo Municipal Utility customers to receive up to 100% of their electricity from environmentally friendly, renewable sources.

  12. Please Select Your Plan*

    For $3 or less each month*, the energy you consume can come from eco-friendly, renewable resources when you participate in Clean Energy Choice.

    *This incremental fee will be added to your monthly billing statement each month until you request to stop. You can stop at any time.

    Clean Energy Choice FAQ's

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  14. Garbage & Recycling
  15. Recycling
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  17. Blue Bag Organics (No Extra Charge)
  18. This Section is for Moving OUT of the City of Buffalo
  19. Buffalo, MN  55313

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