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Residential Parking Permit

  1. Downtown Public Parking per City Code Sec. 46-59

        Residential parking by permit. Persons residing in rental units within the City's Central Business District (CBD) who lack sufficient off-street vehicle parking at the location of their rental unit, may apply for and be granted a permit to park in a specifically designated parking lot within the CBD, subject to the following:

    o    Permits are to be issued by the City by application on an approved form, at a cost to be set by the City Council. 
    2023 Residential Parking Permit costs $75 per vehicle annually.

    o    Permits are valid for one calendar year and must display a permit number, and a number designating which parking lot within the CBD they are authorized to park in. Vehicles displaying a valid parking permit are subject to all applicable laws and ordinances related to parking, except that a properly permitted vehicle may be left parked continuously within the parking lot designated on the permit within the CBD for a period not to exceed 14 days.

    o    No other special privileges or exemptions are granted to a person displaying a parking permit of this nature other than those specified within this subsection. Tenants still need to follow existing requirements for snow plowing in a lot.

  2. Payment

    Regarding payment: City Staff will contact you for payment. After application is completed and payment is received, your permit will be mailed to you or you can pick it up at City Center, 212 Central Avenue which is downtown, across from the Post Office, entrance to the building is on the alley side. 

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