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The community sign is a variable message sign located at Buffalo Wine and Spirits, 621 Highway 55 E. The sign was purchased by the City of Buffalo Housing and Redevelopment Authority and is maintained and operated by the City. It is the intent to include community- wide news and messages on this community sign. Messages for City-sponsored events will be displayed on this sign. 

Messages for other upcoming community-wide events in the City may be inserted on this sign by Buffalo** non-profit civic groups/community organizations, Buffalo area churches, and educational groups originating in the City. Use by the Buffalo Community Middle School and Buffalo High School will be limited since ISD 877 has a school event board of their own.

  1. This community sign will contain messages for upcoming events in Buffalo. There will be no price advertising allowed or use for commercial purposes.
  2. Special event messages allowed will be ones sponsored, produced, or endorsed by the City of Buffalo, Buffalo schools, Chamber of Commerce or, Buffalo non- profit civic groups/community organizations (such as the Lions Club, etc.), and Buffalo area churches. The City Administrator shall review all requests, and approval or rejection shall be at the sole discretion of the City Administrator.
  3. No editorial messages will be allowed.
  4. The City of Buffalo reserves the right to limit both the frequency and duration of messages.
  5. The City of Buffalo will not be responsible for errors on the information sign.
  6.  All message requests must be on the application form available on our website or at City Hall or the organization may submit a flyer containing the information. The City maintains the right to post what is deemed appropriate.
  7. The message request form may be emailed with clear information on it and a contact person listed in the event we need to contact someone for clarification. The form may also be brought to the City Center between 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. 

** NOTE: Buffalo area is described as all area within the City corporate limits. **

Electronic Sign Request

  1. Please type your message, keep information as short and direct as possible. The message may be edited to all it to fit on the sign. 

  2. Please give us the location name and address.

  3. Please upload a PDF of your event if you would also like it to be published on our Event Calendar on our website.

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