Adopt a Storm Drain

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Storm drains in Buffalo drain to storm ponds, ditches, and ultimately, lakes and rivers in Wright County. Buffalo's new Adopt a Drain program (developed by Hamline University) asks residents to Adopt-a-Drain in their neighborhood and commit to keeping it clear of leaves and other debris to reduce water pollution. 

When you adopt a storm drain, you are preventing these harmful pollutants from entering our local water bodies. Sweeping up around your storm drain creates healthier habitats for all plants and animals that depend on these waterways.

  1. Craig Boeve

    Engineering/GIS Coordinator

  2. Beth Opheim

    Engineering/GIS Technician

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How to Adopt a Drain!

1. Sign Up Here

  • Sign in with your name and email address.
  • Enter your street address to search for a storm drain.
  • Choose your storm drain and give it a name.

2. Keep Your Storm Drain Clear

Once you have adopted "your" storm drain, sweep and rake the leaves and other debris from the surface of the drain year-round and dispose of it properly.  

3. Track Your Impact

Enter the estimated total of debris you collect into your online account so we can track the results.

Safety Comes First

Please use caution. While we want to keep our streets and water clean, we also want you to be safe. Use good sense. 

Lead by Example

Let others know about your commitment. Tell them how they can help prevent water pollution.

Adopt-a-Drain Flyer (PDF)