Public Transportation

Trailblazer Transit

Trailblazer Transit is a general public transit system that provides rides to people of all ages for just about any reason!  Professional drivers employed by a government organization called Trailblazer Joint Powers Board utilize elevator-equipped buses to provide Dial-A-Ride service throughout Sibley, McLeod, and Wright Counties plus some limited service into other neighboring cities.  

Community Transportation Partnership

Do you want to visit the Buffalo Community Center? If so, let Trailblazer Transit transport you there at no cost.

Trailblazer Transit and the Buffalo Community Center have formed a Community Transportation Partnership for the remainder of 2023 that allows you to be transported to and from the Buffalo Community Center at NO COST as long as your ride begins and ends within Buffalo City limits.

To reserve your ride, please contact a Trailblazer Transport dispatcher at 888-743-3828.

Buffalo Allied Transit

As of June 1, 2023, Buffalo Allied Transit (BAT) punch cards will no longer be accepted by Trailblazer Transit as payment for your ride. If you still have BAT punches available after June 1, 2023, please visit Buffalo City Center to request a refund for the punches that you have still available.

Weeknight Transportation (Within Buffalo City Limits) Monday through Friday 5 pm - 8 pm No Cash Accepted! Drivers do not carry or accept cash. All riders must have a Punch card Punch Cards are sold at Buffalo City Center - 212 Central Avenue Price of Punch Card is $40 for 22 punches/rides 1 Punch = 1 one-way ride