Water & Water Reclamation (Wastewater)

Water & Sewer Service Installation

Contact our Water Department for questions or concerns regarding a new build or remodeling by emailing or calling 763-684-5432.

Existing Water & Sewer Service Repairs

Water or sanitary sewer service line repairs require a permit. Please contact City Center Administration by emailing or calling 763-682-1181 to apply for the correct permit. 

New Residential Service

Water and Sewer Access charges are included with your building permit. No additional permitting is required. A 3/4" water meter fee is included with the permit and is typically picked up when the plumbing contractor is ready for installation.

  • For proper installation of the water and sewer service, please review the City of Buffalo Water & Sewer Installation Instruction & Spec Sheet (PDF). 
  • A Water & Sewer Survey is required upon installation of the services prior to backfilling the trench. A 24 hour notice is required to schedule an appointment for this survey. Please contact Utility Billing to schedule an appointment by emailing or calling 763-682-1001. 
  • The water meter is picked up at the Administration counter located at City Center.  An appointment is needed to turn on the water when the meter installation is complete.  Schedule an appointment in person at the Utility Billing counter at City Center or by calling 763-682-1001. 

New Commercial Service

Please contact Utilities & IT Director Jason Meusburger by email  or by calling 763-684-5422 to discuss the service needs for new construction..

Bulk Water  

Bulk water is available seasonally for purchase. To purchase bulk water, please contact our Water Department by emailing or calling 763-684-5432.