Snow Removal

Effort is made to clear City streets within 24 hours of the start of the snowfall. This requires approximately 12 hours of operations for a normal snowfall of 2 to 6 inches, beginning with arterials, and then follow with residential and cul-de-sac streets. Ice control is ordered as conditions warrant.

Winter Snow Plowing Do's and Don'ts Flyer (PDF)

Placement of Garbage and Recycling ContainersRandys Garbage - Arm Extension

When placing your containers out for pickup on your scheduled day, please do not to put the container in the street. This is an obstacle and can be hazardous for snow plow drivers in the winter months.

Accessibility to Containers

Clear a path 36" (3 feet) wide from your garbage and recycling carts to the alley or street. Make sure they can be moved freely. If the trucks cannot easily access your containers, they cannot be emptied.

Snow Removal

Be sure that your garbage and recycling carts are shoveled out the night before your collection day.



Damage to mailboxes caused by snow plowing will be reviewed on an individual basis if it will be repaired or replaced. If damage is caused by the weight of the snow, there is no reimbursement. The mail box owner must be able to prove that the snow plow directly hit the mailbox and caused the damage. If a reimbursement is given, the  installation is the responsibility of the property owner or occupant.  Residents are responsible for keeping mailbox accessible for postal delivery. 

To  report mailbox damage, please email Carey Kotilinek or call 763-684-5425.

Right-of-Way Intrusions

The City will not be responsible for items such as fencing, landscaping and sprinkler systems located in any Right-of-Way. The property owner or occupant would be responsible for any items damaged as a result of snow removal, with the exception of turf damage caused from snow plowing.

Sod/Turf Damage

Reports of sod damage caused by snow plowing will be handled on an individual basis. To report any damage please email Carey Kotilinek or call 763-684-5425.

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