Police Department

Police BuffaloThe Buffalo Police Department provides 24-hour patrol service and responds to all criminal complaints, medical emergencies, and other calls for service within the Buffalo City limits. Full-time positions in our department consists of eighteen Officers, three front office/records staff. and one Community Service Officer.  Our volunteer unit includes eight Reserve Officers. Our office is located just off Highway 25, 215 1st Avenue NE, about one-quarter mile south of Highway 55. This is behind the City Center Campus.

Our office hours are Monday through Friday through 8 am to 4:30 pm, excluding holidays. The Wright County Sheriff's Department provides 911 Emergency and all other dispatching services for the City of Buffalo. In non-emergency situations, you may contact an officer through our office during business hours at 763-682-5976, or during non-business hours, through the Sheriff's Department at 763-682-7600. 

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