2023 City Budget, Truth in Taxation, and Fee Schedule

Important Information

The documents approved by the City Council cover a wide range of City business and impact residents and property owners in different ways. They include:

  • 2023 Budget and Capital Improvement Plan (PDF):This document outlines the operations of the City's General Fund, which is supported by property taxes and other funds. The budget reflects the City's plans, policies, and objectives regarding services to be provided to residents and businesses. The Executive Summary portion of the budget document is a great place to start.
  • 2023 Truth in Taxation (PDF): This was presented at the December 5, 2022, City Council meeting.
  • 2023 Master Fee Schedule (PDF): The Master Fee Schedule summarizes fees from various City departments that are charged for services provided. The rate schedule includes but is not limited to parks and recreation rental rates, civic center skating costs, liquor licenses rates, permitting and development fees, and equipment rental rates.