Economic Development

Buffalo--where excellence and experience come together. Our vision for this community is to continue to grow by fostering an environment of superior services, innovation in all areas, and to have a safe environment in which to live, work and play. Every citizen will accept responsibility and be accountable for success!


Buffalo is a unique blend of small-town charm and suburban amenities. We are ideally located in northeastern Wright County and host the county seat. Residents and visitors alike enjoy our pedestrian friendly core downtown centered around Sturges Park and its lake walk.

Development Services picture of downtown Buffalo with ice cream parlorThey also enjoy the availability of large retailers along the Highway 55 and Highway 25 corridors and the easy access to both the Twin Cities and St. Cloud metropolitan areas. We have top-notch medical facilities located in the community and a stellar school system.

Buffalo is ideally located between the Twin Cities and St. Cloud metropolitan areas with easy access via the state highway system.


The City Council has established goals for the community that are forward-thinking, dynamic and focused on continued development within the community while preserving its unique community identity.